Raw’s all organic, non-gmo medical marijuana edibles

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Here at the Raw Collective, we’ve been handcrafting our very own medical marijuana edibles for nearly a decade. Cannabis edibles have historically been avoided by many people due to wild inconsistencies in lab testing and product quality. We found that with a little love in the kitchen and regular lab testing, we could squash the stereotype and make a truly delicious, consistent marijuana edible. We’ve gone through each component of our recipes and assured all of our ingredients are 100% Organic and Non-GMO. Even the chocolate in our recipes is fair-trade!

Sure, it costs a little more to get the best ingredients, but the quality of an organic, non-gmo cannabis edible stands out and it’s worth it. Wondering what we use in our cannabis edible recipes? Below is a list of the organic, non-gmo ingredients we use!

At Raw, we are committed to keeping our ingredients as pure as possible by using all organic, non-gmo ingredients. We also promise to keep our processes transparent so you know exactly how our products are made. If you have any questions regarding our amazing edibles, feel free to give us a shout at 619-316-5375 or shoot us an email at info@rawmmc.com.