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THC Tincture

$45$80 8% tax incl.

This THC Tincture is made using an organic cane alcohol – a very effective method for obtaining active ingredients from the marijuana plant. This method dissolves the oils from the marijuana plant and provides a ‘whole plant’ synergistic effect. Temperature has a lot to do with the active ingredients being released from the cannabis plant and dissolved into the tincture. We use a slow heating process lasting six hours .  We only use organically grown strains to produce our tinctures.

Mix into any beverage for easy consumption – we prefer apple juice.  The illustration on the bottle shows each dropper-full of tincture is approximately 10mg THC for easy, incremental dosing. No smelly smoke clouds, no messy rolling process, and best of all, longer lasting effects than smoking. The effects of this tincture can last up to 8 hours depending on your activity level. The tincture comes in a Small – 210mg (15ml) bottle or a Large – 420mg (30ml) bottle.  Expect 12-15 doses from the small bottle and 25-30 doses from the large bottle, depending on your dose size.



  1. I love this stuff I had migraines and the migraine meds stopped working I take it once in the evening bam! headaches are gone in minutes it also relaxes me and I sleep better than I had in a long time! Thank you soooo much!

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