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CBD Tincture

$45$80 8% tax incl.

This CBD Tincture is made using an organic cane alcohol – a very effective method for obtaining active ingredients from the marijuana plant. This method dissolves the oils from the marijuana plant and provides a 'whole plant' synergistic effect. Temperature has a lot to do with the active ingredients being released from the cannabis plant and dissolved into the tincture. We use a slow heating process lasting six hours. The strain used to make this tincture is organically grown ACDC female cannabis. Our CBD products only use female cannabis, never hemp.

Mix into any beverage for easy consumption – we prefer apple juice. The illustration on the bottle shows each dropper-full of tincture is approximately 8mg CBD for easy, incremental dosing. No smelly smoke clouds, no messy rolling process, and best of all, longer lasting effects than smoking. The tincture comes in a Small – 160mg (15ml) bottle or a Large – 320mg (30ml) bottle.  Expect 12-15 doses from the small bottle and 25-30 doses from the large bottle, depending on your dose size.



  1. Very hard to find. Fortunately when I found it, it is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to RAW MMC for their mission to keep MMJ professional and responsible. This is a great tincture that is made from AC/DC (aka Oracle) that has about a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio. It won’t get you “stoned” at all, but will give you a calm, relaxing and anxiety-free experience. There is a little THC so you get a small euphoric feeling as well. I usually do this during the day and then top it all off with some good Skywalker OG or other Indica to have a nice relaxing evening.

  2. I started using the CBD Tincture to help me sleep and ease my pain from arthritis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This has helped immensely. I sleep better than I have in YEARS. My pain that would wake/keep me awake is at a tolerable level without the use of medications with harmful side effects. Thank you for offering this product.

  3. Helps so much with so many different things, Ive been starting every day with it and notice a significant difference. I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and because its rare there are not really any avaiable treatments spefically for it, the pain itself is severe and multisystemic -nerve-bone-muscles-joint-ligaments-tendons-organs even our skin, doctors dont understand it or know how to hell and then a lot of us are resistant to medications and require higher doses for any effect. This is a perfect alternative option that works better than the pills ever did, and Im not destroying my stomach or liver now. Im using it in combination with other products and finally feel like Im getting a real handle of managing my illness, symptoms, pain and the mental/emotional effect of it all.
    Please dont ever stop making this.

  4. This is one of the best tinctures I’ve used. Decent price and it works so well for my aches and pains. Takes away my knee pain without having to use NSAIDS or other pharmaceutical means. It also helps me stay asleep all night.

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