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1:1 CBD:THC Coconut Oil Tincture

$45$80 8% tax incl.

This tincture features a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC – a highly sought after ratio. There are only two ingredients: organically grown cannabis and organic coconut oil. How is it so clear? New extraction methods have made it possible to remove the chlorophyll and ‘weedy’ taste from cannabis oils, leaving a clear, tasteless oil.

Two sizes are available:

Small size | 15ml | 125mg CBD + 125mg THC

Large Size | 30ml | 250mg CBD + 250mg THC

One dropper tube contains a 10mg dose (5mg CBD & 5mg THC), making it easy to regulate dosing in small increments of 2mg-1omg – or more if you like.

How do you use it? Sublingual application. Topical application. Or cook with it.



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