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CBD Oil Concentrate

$120$500 8% tax incl.

We home grow our own organic ACDC female cannabis to make this oil using organic growing practices. Male hemp is not used in our cbd oil like many others. We use a 100% organic, food-safe extraction solvent for our process. This oil typically lab tests around 75% CBD and 5% THC. The ACDC strain has a natural ratio or 24:1 CBD:THC.

Want to make your own cannabis oil? We have a post that discusses that here. Also, check out our THC & CBD Oil Buyer’s guide so you can learn the best ways to shop for cannabis oils.





  1. My beloved father has been fighting 5 diff cancers. This motivated me to devote my time into researching all i could about the best cbd treatments available seeing that his chemo treatments was flat out killing him quickly before my eyes. After in depth research on the topic of cbd treatment and cancers, I found this particular cbd oil concentrate available solely through RAW MMC in the San Diego CA area to qualify as being the best all around option to treating a high number of various cancers. The specific Parts of the plant that are used to make this product, that it is only made from the female cannabis, the process used to extract the oil from the plant (food safe, organic processing for exampleand especially NOT butane)and the specific Strain of cannabis used (ACDC which is 1 of the 2 strains tested and proved to be most effective in killing cancer) off the top of my head. Fyi cbd oil when used by a person diagnosed with stage 3 or 4 (TERMINAL) prostate cancer for example, 4 times a day, 1/3 the size of a grain of rice (1 drop) SUBLINGUALLY under the tongue kills the cancer like it never existed IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS! It will seek out the cancer cells within the body and smother them, cutting off the blood supply to THE cell and thus starving it to death which it is then simply expelled From the body! BRAVISIMO!!) RAW MMC’s product has been proven to be sufficient and qualifies as being top grade quality cbd oil concentrate in the correct most effective form of cbd treatment, oil concentrate to be administered under the tongue as well as preventive maintanence but just 2 times a day and not 4. This treatment is effective for both all humans as well as pets! There have not been any studies which showed any negative adverse reactions from taking this type of product. Nobody has to die from cancer. Knowledge is indeed power. Well worth the time and effort put forth in obtaining 1st hand knowledge on a lifesaving topic. I recommend this particular product to ALL my family, friends and strangers alike. From my professors to my fitness trainers to my church family and even law enforcement officers. Everybody. I am currently taking this product2 times a day as preventive maintenance and so is my 4 yr old min pin doggie, as well as my father. I am happy relieved and grateful that I am able to purchase this product here in SD and as far as I’ve researched, RAW MMC has the only qualified quality product avail in the market here in SD. THANKS RAW MMC. GOOD LOOKING OUT

  2. Absolutely incredible product, tried it for the first time last month and it made a huge difference.

  3. The month I started taking this CBD Oil my non curable brain tumor started to shrink. It could have been the chemo or a combination of the chemo and the CBD but it makes me really think that the next month after taking the CBD my non curable brain tumor started shrinking when the chemo alone did not do that.

    • We are elated to hear the great news. Please continue the healing and keep us updated on the progress 🙂

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