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THC Candy Hearts (GF/V)

$12 8% tax incl.

These THC Candy Hearts are gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO! Each Candy Heart contains 10mg THC and there are 10 Hearts in a package – 100mg total! We use seasonal, certified organic fruit and veggie based flavorings and colorings in these all natural hearts.  The perfect way to have a little dose of love.

Ingredients: organic cane sugar, organic light corn syrup, reverse osmosis water, organic gum acacia, organic flavors and colors made from organic fruit and vegetable extracts, sea salt, Co2 extracted cannabis oil


  1. These are delicious but have a slight taste of medicine. Perfect for enjoying on the couch after or before dinner. The flavors are good and each one lasts about 2-3 minutes in your mouth. Effects are calming and subtle.

  2. Great before bedtime really rest well with them. It does have a strong descending high effect but taken at bedtime you sleep right through it!

  3. I am 70 years senior, with old age muscle and joint pain, I am so glad that I find out about “RawMMC” I have been taking these sweet candy ones every evening, it helps my pain, I eat well by a large appetite, and I sleep well.This company is very reliable, and all their products are organic with excellent services.


  4. I love the candy hearts, and one was plenty to do the trick, making it a really good value. I wandered around the gardens in Balboa Park while these were kicking in, it was such a pleasant experience, the high was calm but giggly. They taste like honey to me,a slightly medicinal after taste but I didn’t mind it.

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