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Marijuana Vape Cartridges

Marijuana vape cartridges are a hot new item in the cannabis industry. Their versatility and discreteness in public places is very handy when you can’t stink up the place. There are two parts to a marijuana vape pen: the cartridge that holds the cannabis oil and the battery which provides power and heat to the cartridge. These cartridges typically have a universal threading, called a 510 thread. The cartridge can be easily screwed on to any vape battery with the 510 threading. It is important to get a quality battery since many vape products released in the last few years have proven to be extremely faulty. Vaping is a discrete method of consuming cannabis which makes it ideal for on the go use. Vaping typically produces a lighter effect than other forms of ingesting cannabis such as edibles, tinctures or smoking the flower itself. Marijuana vape cartridges produce an effect that lasts for 2-3 hours typically.