How To Grow Marijuana: Expert Tools, Tips & Tricks

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How to grow marijuana

Now that marijuana is legalizing all across the United States, consumers are becoming increasingly price and quality conscious of their marijuana . One of the best ways to guarantee the quality and safety of your marijuana, while saving a lot of money, is to learn how to grow marijuana yourself. Fair warning, growing marijuana for your first time can be … Read More

Terpenes: A New Classification System

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Have you ever wondered why some cannabis flowers have powerful, lingering odors that can saturate an entire room, whereas other strains, barely skim their predecessors’ ferocious surface or even smell slightly as pungent? That is because cannabis contains terpenes. Terpenes are a sap-like secretion of the cannabis plant that are responsible for its’ scent and taste. This secretion takes place … Read More

Smoking vs Edibles: Metabolizing Marijuana

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There are many therapeutic benefits to both, smoking and eating cannabis. State legislations now reflect the needs of medical marijuana patients as many states nationwide have decriminalized, and in some cases, legalized, medical marijuana. We have entered a new market of change. It is easier, now, more than ever, to have the opportunity to browse the seemingly endless display cases … Read More

Marijuana Dosing: The Rise of the Ratio

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The medical marijuana industry has gained a substantial amount of recognition in the media, recently, for the successful treatment of certain types of cancer, as well as, other illnesses and disorders. We are currently experiencing a time that marijuana is being used as an acceptable, alternative medicine to pharmaceuticals by doctors. It is even becoming socially acceptable to use marijuana, … Read More

Sativa vs Indica: You’re being lied to!

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Here lies the ultimate question: Do you prefer sativa or indica? This question seems simple enough, but you would be surprised to know it is more complex than you may think. The sativa/indica debate has been an important, indecisive whirlwind of rhetoric and opinion in the medical marijuana industry since the mass production of strains. The expansion of medical marijuana … Read More

New Hard Candy CBD Marijuana Edibles

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Our most long-awaited edible. Our members have been requesting CBD marijuana edibles for a while. If you’ve tried any of the CBD edibles available on the market, you know they need improvement. Our focus has been to create the absolute best CBD edible that is tasty, dosed appropriately and effective. Our CBD Candy Hearts are designed to have 5mg CBD … Read More

Raw’s all organic, non-gmo medical marijuana edibles

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Here at the Raw Collective, we’ve been handcrafting our very own medical marijuana edibles for nearly a decade. Cannabis edibles have historically been avoided by many people due to wild inconsistencies in lab testing and product quality. We found that with a little love in the kitchen and regular lab testing, we could squash the stereotype and make a truly delicious, … Read More